Frequently Asked Questions

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You must be a resident of Rancho San Pedro.

1) Either meet a staff member on site during operating hours,  or email  to validate your residency.

2) Once you receive the private fleet codes you will be given basic training on for how to ride the bikes, the application and how to lock up the bikes.

3) Install the “MOVE” app from any iPhone or Android. Enter your basic info, credit card, and scan the QR code on the bike to ride!


Monthly members pay $20 per month for unlimited unlocks and 20 hours of ride time. Additional hours of ride time are billed at $.50 per hour.

Pay as you go members pay $2 per unlock and $.50 per hour of ride time.

Nope! You’re only charged when the bike is unlocked with your account. You can monitor your time on the bike in the MOVE app.

18 years and up. (sorry kids)

At this time, you must have a smart phone in order to check out a Good2Go Bike. Please let us know if this is an impossibility for you, we are working on a solution.

Contact our customer service immediately at (877) 797- 2977

Contact our customer service immediately at (877) 797- 2977

Our customer service line is open daily from 7 am – 7 pm.

Once you are a member you can check bikes out 24/7 . 

To sign up for the first time you will need to visit the hub while a staff member is working or email