Our Pricing

Good2Go Bikes are an affordable, efficient, and fun transportation solution for any lifestyle! Frequent users save money with an economical monthly plan, while pay-as-you-go riders can get wherever they’re going schedule or grab a bike on demand for just a few dollars.

The world of E-bikes is at your fingertips!

Membership Plans

Two ways to pay, unlimited places to ride.

Pay As You Go

Only pay for rides when needed
.50c per additional hour
$ $2 / First Hour
  • .50c per additional hour

Carlos takes an E-Bike to class every other Wednesday, and sometimes takes their children to the park on the weekend. They use the pay as you go plan and only pays for rides when they need them.

Monthly Plan

Pay up front for discounted rate
.50c per additional hour
$ $20 / 20 hours per month
  • .50c per additional hour

Maria rides an E-Bike to work five days a week and takes an E-Cargo Bike to the market on Thursdays. They use the monthly plan and still has a few hours available to ride on the weekends with friends.

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